Friday, January 24

Refund Policy

As all of my own products provided in my website are priced using the “pay what you want” (PWYW) -pricing strategy, this policy applies to every product you have set the price to ABOVE $0. And by “my own products” I mean all the products that are created by me, Petri Suhonen, either under my own name or under a pseudonym such as SoundsDude.

Even though I truly hope you are 100% satisfied with the products you have purhcased from my website, there is no possibility for return/refund after you have downloaded them. This is because the products in my website are digital, downloadable, intangible products. I also provide audio preview (and video preview and description in some cases) of the contents of my product in the product description section, as well as detailed description what is included in the product pack. And if the product is a type of product that requires extra software to run properly, the system requirements are stated. So you should have a clear idea what you are buying before you complete the purchase. Therefore, all sales are final and I reserve the rights to refuse any refund requests.

Refund Policy Of Third Party Products In

If you follow a link to any third party products found in my website through ads, blog posts, affiliate links, etc and decide to make a purchase, their providers and creators have their own refund/return policies. You need to follow and accept their rules. I do not take any responsibility for their policies.